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A bit about me

As a 19 year old art student my life was transformed by an encounter with the Spirit of God. I had invited Jesus into my life as a small boy, been going to church every Sunday, even reading the bible quite a bit, but I knew there was more.


I couldn't see why miracles and all the fun stuff should be relegated to the past - frozen in the pages of the Bible. I couldn't believe that God had changed his mind about the supernatural and left us to battle on through life just controlled by a dull religious routine. The good news is, he hasn't. All over the world men, women and young people are discovering the adventure of being a disciple of Jesus. 

Me? I'm still on a quest to know him better every day. My mission is to introduce people to Jesus, that they too can experience the lavish love of God the Father, and get them enjoying the crazy supernatural life of a disciple filled with the Holy Spirit.


I have been gloriously privileged to live and work in the beautiful seaside town of Weymouth in the South West of England, serving the Prayerhouse as a pastor. I have also been able to travel to many different nations to give God's love away. I have seen God intervene in so many lives in so many different ways - what a treat!

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