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Feeble Flesh

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

a man hiding his face in shame

You know me, yet you love me.

You do not hide your face from my weak humanity -

in fact, you choose to make it your own.

You, who live in unapproachable light, surrounded by angelic praise;

You take up my feeble flesh and wear it like a servant.

Your humanity only serves to further display your glory - full of grace and truth.

You feel my frailty and pain and sorrow and joy -

yet you wear your humility like a crown.

Like a champion, for you every day is another clear round; a triumph!

The weakness in me that crumbles and gives way to the waves of temptation and trial,

In you displays your magnificent holiness.

And when you have passed every test and withstood every trial

You hand your beautiful unstained flesh and blood body to brutal unholy men

to nail it to a filthy executioner’s pole.

Hauled up into the air

jolted down into position -

Tearing arms and shoulders out of joint.

Though none is yours,

The sin and guilt and shame of every woman and man through the ages -

since the garden -

Now crushes down on your soul like the thickest darkness.

The lashes cut deep into your back pay dearly for my healing.

As human blood mixed with sweat burns into your eyes

Your heart burns unquenched with a fire of divine and holy love.

You are winning the greatest battle in history.

With your last breath, a final shout,

“It is finished!”

In your body - built the same as mine in every way -

You paid the price no one else could ever pay.

In this moment the heart of the Father is made accessible to the lost and wayward

children of Adam and Eve.

Love deep as deepest sea, wider than the vastness of space

Becomes the ocean all around me.

photo credit: @filipepelaquim on Unsplash

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